Surprise Party Out At Sea - Episode 2

Surprise Party Out At Sea - Episode 2 - Dirty Habits

Join the Dirty Habits Crew as we celebrate Ozzy’s birthday with an unusual surprise party!

dirty habits

The Beauty of Cape Town is than even in the middle of winter, we still get amazing pre frontal, warm, windless days. That is exactly why we decided to celebrate Ozzy’s birthday in the best way possible – a sick float party with foils, and a jetski !

Tricking him into thinking we forgot, we managed to surprise him and give him a hell of a good time!
Even with a hectic start of the day, nothing could stop our mission, not even the cold Cape Town waters. Starting off with floats, jet skis, beer, and great friends,
the day continued into a crazy time of foiling, swimming, floating, crashing against the waves, and just chilling.

Even though the sun started to set, the celebration didn’t! Round 2 of Ozzy’s
birthday continued at Poko's, where drinks and music followed.

That’s what we call a great end to a great day!

Filmed by SoCoMunity -

Francois van Schalkwyk -

Pictures: Paul Ganse -

Additional Footage:
Daniel Grobbelaar (Drone) -
Charl Bruwer (FPV) -

Dirty Habits Crew:
Graham Howes -
Oswald Smith -
Jason Colborne - Dillon, Warren Gregg, Nicolas Cattelan, Ben Rootman, Angelo Jon, Sarah Housten, and many more who pulled in, or didn't make it out. 

Mystic Boarding -
North Kiteboarding -
SoCoMunity -

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