Episode 3: Boys hit up Zanzibar

Episode 3: Boys hit up Zanzibar - Dirty Habits



In this week’s Dirty Habits adventure follow Graham Howes and Oswald Smith, joined by Kyle Bell and Angelo Yon as they travel to Zanzibar in search of the little Kiteboarding and training while the beaches were still 'out of bounds' with South Africa's harsh extended lock-down . What was planned to be one of the chilliest trips ever, may not have exactly turned out like that, every moment is action packed with this crew, and nothing can out a damper on their good vibes.


Come with us as we try to figure out our way through the island, take a 2-hour boat trip to a secluded island’s secret party, get stuck in between a pile of sea urchins, follow Ozzy as he tries to navigate us to a sand bar on a miniature island in the middle of the nowhere following google maps, meet up with some cool locals for some sick kiteboarding seshs.

And if think all that was wild just wait till you see what happened with our drone... But at the end of the day, no matter what happened, it wasn’t something a few Pina Coladas with good bru’s couldn’t fix! After all the mishaps, we couldn’t end the trip without one more. Poor Ozzy lost his luggage, but did he find it? Did we manage to find the sand bar? What happened to the drone? Well, watch and see.

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