VIDEO: Professional Mountain Bikers teach Graham Howes to Ride... Downhill

VIDEO: Professional Mountain Bikers teach Graham Howes to Ride... Downhill - Dirty Habits

From conquering wind and the waves, to conquering mountains Graham Howes is known for many things – Professional Kiteboarder, founder of Dirty Habits, Entrepreneur, and more. However, one thing he is not known for is his mountain biking skills or lack thereof (for now).

Watch as Graham takes on this new adventure of conquering the Downhill Trails as he goes far out his comfort zone to learn from the best of the best – Theo Erlangsen (SA downhill champion), and Ike Klaassen (Junior SA downhill champion). 
After a short instructional briefing and Graham testing out the “waters” and practicing on the 'smaller jumps', the Trails Crew take him to the steep and rocky DH trails of their home, The Hellsend Dirt Compound! 
Things escalate quickly when Theo Erlangsen, Ike Klaassen, Duran Van Eeden, Sharjab Jonsson, and Justin Novell lead Graham blindly down one of their favour runs, and leave Graham literally in their dust. 
Watch the Full Youtube video to see if it ends in smiles.. or a trip to the ER. and see just how much skills you need to ride a mountain bike. 
Will Graham ditch the kiteboard for a new pair of wheels? Will he succeed in his quest of becoming the next great mountain biker or will he fail? Watch to find out!
Tune in for the next episode to see Graham get his revenge, as he takes Theo and Ike on a kiteboarding adventure they will never forget! 
Filmed & Edited by Kai Forbes,
Mystic Boarding -
Hellsend Dirt Compound -

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