It comes with great pride that we announce Dirty Habits is turning a new page in our brand history. In order to do our part for the sake of our planet, we have decided to choose a more sustainable and ethical way of manufacturing our products. We understand that we may not have been perfect in the past, but we have been growing and  learning along the way. So slowly but surely we will make the right changes.
As athletes, adventurers, and most importantly humans, we understand how important it is to protect our home. It has given us the perfect playground to do what we love. The beaches, the waves, the mountains and forests, the deserts and lakes. Without protecting our environment, we wouldn’t be able to do the things that give us our freedom. Whether that be kiteboarding, dirt biking, filming, surfing and so much more.
Dirty Habits is committed to going green. That is why we have decided that it's time we play our part in helping (not hurting) the Earth. 
Fast fashion made from unethically sourced materials has been polluting our planet enough without us even realizing it most of the time. Harming animals, destroying nature and producing carbon. 
Around 100 000 marine animals are hurt each year by plastic waste. This includes microfibers found in cheaply produced clothing. Many animals’ homes are also destroyed in the process of extraction of certain materials. Not only that but approximately 160 million Euros worth of clothing goes into landfill each year. This kind of misuse results in the waste of perfectly reusable textiles, that slowly leak toxins into the earth and microfibers into our waterways. Slowly but surely poisoning us and our planet.  
 - Landfill waste of clothes
- The rivers around Tirupur are often red or purple with runoff from nearby factories.
Things like this really make us take a step back and think about how much our actions affect the Earth and its inhabitants. These are just some out of the many issues surrounding parts of the fashion industry.  That is exactly why we have taken a very careful approach when selecting which eco-friendly companies to work with in order  to help us achieve a more sustainable path for our brand. 
We have partnered with only environmentally friendly companies which closely monitor the entire supply chain,  in order to source only the best raw materials that are grown and produced in ways that do not harm any people, animals, or the environment. Companies that are certified and use materials such as all organic cotton and recycled polyester, as well as other  sustainable materials.
For both them and us, it's important to closely check every step of the process in order to ensure the safety of all workers included and the source of the materials.
Dirty Habits will work to ensure only the best for our crew and our planet. 
This is just the start of a permanent and positive change to sustainability for Dirty Habits. We are all responsible for the protection of our environment. So, take a stand alongside us and choose a smart, fashionable and sustainable way of clothing with Dirty Habits.

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