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With the announcement of Lockdown level 3 extension in South Africa, we thought it would be a good idea to update you guys with what is really happening and what you are still allowed to do in Cape Town.

When people hear 'beaches are closed' they might think everything is closed because this rule does not make sense but in fact Cape Town is mainly OPEN. There is still a cerfew from 9pm to 5am which means less time to party and more time to do cool shit. Sale of alchohol is illegal. If drinking is really important to you, its not impossible. We have listed some activities below and forsure, if you follow on insta, you will know that basically everything is sitll open here in Cape Town.

Even tho beaches are closed we have still been getting our kiting fix, definitely not as much as we like for this time of the year but still getting in sessions. When we see that we cannot kite we switch it up by doing downwind skates or making sunset hike missions.




Just incase you forgot how many cool activities you can do in Cape Town and can still do under lockdown level 3: Hiking, wakeboarding, seal snorkeling, paragliding, shark cage diving, fishing, boat tours, trail running, safaris, dolphin/whale watching, sightseeing 99% of the beauty Cape Town has to offer, food/flee markets, walks by the beach (on the promonade), yoga, gyms, retail stores and resturants. We aren't literally going to list everything because its mostly allowed so surely you get the point...

Besides all these freedoms you still have here in Cape Town, it is also good to know that people here are taking the Coronavirus seriously and everywhere you go, everyone is wearing masks and sanatising is compulsory when entering an area with other people. 

With regards to travel, air travel is still permitted subject to the traveller providing proof of a negative Covid-19 test which was obtained not more than 72 hours before date/time of departure.


Here are links to some news articles if you would like some more details:

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