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Two friends (Sjors van Leeuwen and Randy Stoter) who met while kitesurfing in Zandvoort, shared a passion and love for kiteboarding. That is exactly why they  decided to start their very own kite school back in 2009. In Holland they can only teach kitesurfing from April to November due to the cold temperatures of the winter months. But in the summer months - July and August there are also less windy days. So, the two friends came up with a plan to expand and keep busy when kitesurfing is not possible. They got themselves a boat and started with Banana boating for fun. This became a big success and they kept investing in Pepsports.

In 2016 they were no longer the small kiting school they started out as. They started doing kids summer camps, and hosting company events that reach up to 250+ people. And with every year that number grows! 

Since 2009 the company was at a hidden location on a campsite but in 2019 they finally decided it was time for a big change! A brand new location on the boulevard with an amazing panoramic view of the complete coast line. After that all that was left was  to create their very own community! Pepsports have about 50 kite/surf lockers for rent in their building, which get rented out in no time. Many addicted ocean lovers like to hang around the spot, during, before or after their session. They also organize downwinders and bbq’s where everyone is welcome to join, creating a great atmosphere! 


Future of Pepsport

Pepsport are going to keep on growing!

You can expect a lot of cool things from them in the future. Including festivals with many activities on the beach, a small cable wake park, and much more in 2022. The store also plans to expand their food menu options and create a place where every guest is welcome to lunch or dine with them!


How do Pepsport spend their free time?

When they aren’t kiteboarding, organizing sick BBQ’s for their crew, or having a fun kids camp, Pepsport always finds other ways to keep busy. They also have taken on paragliding on the coast dunes, or take a boat and go wakeboarding or hang someone on a kite behind the boat and bring him up 50+ meters! They also love to make bonfires on empty beaches and bring their own DJ gear and have a part! Now that  sounds like a great time!


Dirty Habits x Pepsports community 

Here is what Pepsports shared when it comes to Dirty Habits: 

“Dirty Habits is not just a brand to me. I don’t know you guys personally that good (yet) but I already feel really connected with the story that it is your lifestyle. When you see people wearing Dirty Habits you almost know for sure that it is a person that has the same type of passion for sports as you do.”





Phone: +31 6 1519 1376

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