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Before KiteKollektiv became who they are today and  started their business, they were just a normal group of friends, who loved to go kiting together, do trips and party. Most of them already gave lessons in kitesurfing, to finance their studies and kite trips. 

As they worked as kite teachers, they realized that this is their calling and what they wanted to do in the future as well: having a good time with others on the water and sharing their passion for the sport. They knew that they will have the support of their friends, so the KiteKollektivet team decided to found their very own kiteschool. During the first two years, they just met people at the kitespot to show them kitesurfing. They had really good feedback from the customers, which confirmed to them that they had taken the right path. After that they knew that the next step would be to open a surf shop and kitestation.

So after searching for a shop near their  home spot and found the perfect one, that was just right for them in the center of Laboe!

KiteKollektiv are  located 20 Minutes away from Kiel and 1,5h from Hamburg. Their spot in Laboe is a flat water spot, so it´s perfect for freestyle, big air and of course to learn to kitesurf. Laboe is located at the end of the bay of Kiel, so after 10 minutes driving the coast changes: there you can find a spot with small waves, so it's perfect for wave kiting, foiling, and windsurfing.

Future of Kite Kollektiv

You can expect a lot of great things coming for KiteKollektiv! They are planning to do a big air/freestyle event in their hope spot in Laboe, mostly likely in autumn when the storms start to hit Germany! If you are in the area at that time make sure to check it out !

How do KiteKollektiv spend their free time?

There is never a dull moment with the KiteKollektiv team! Everyone has a hobby besides kiting: some of them go skating, paragliding, mountain biking, wave riding, wing foiling or windsurfing. The team enjoys being in nature and as long the adrenaline flows, they love it!

Dirty Habits x KiteKollektiv community 

Here is what KiteKollektiv shared when it comes to Dirty Habits: 

“For us Dirty Habits means having a great time, enjoying every single day, great action and pushing limits to what is possible! Dirty Habits stands for a lifestyle, we can identify with 100%, so we’re really exited to be part of it in future!”




Phone: +49 4343 4338 073

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