Dirty Summer 2019

Just before last summer started we made a bold decision. We stopped organizing shoots and setting up strict schedules to follow, but rather whip out our cameras whenever sick things were happening and exchange time tables with unplanned sessions. We recorded non-stop as we lived life freely to its fullest as we always do. It was chaotic, spontaneous, wild.. we surely didn’t think we were going to be able to create a movie from the bunch of random content we got, and this is how sick it came out. We plan less and do more, we live, ride, play and keep it dirty.. last summer was insane, let’s make this one even better!



"If anyone were to tell me what we got up to this summer there’s no way I’d believe them.

Beers, broken bones, and a new home with some of the best riding we’ve ever seen was just a glimpse on what the season brought, but you best believe we were only getting started. 

A movement cultivated by the return of the summer sun, a place where the tides dictate our happiness and the changing of tides, our courage to achieve the unthinkable.

Friends who are family from all walks of life around the world coming together.

For the pursuit of distant shores to bring us to most remote but familiar way of life, without slacking on the same amount of craziness we bring with us." - Graham Howes.