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Not A Brand Movie - Dirty Habits


A while ago, in collaboration with a bunch of content creators, filmmakers and video editors, we created a brand movie. With the intention to give people an idea of what Dirty Habits is about, we tried our best to conceptualize the mind-set and lifestyle that stands behind us. Long story short, we failed miserably, and it took us a whole 2 years to finally release the movie. Why? Because Dirty Habits can be whatever you want it to be. No matter what you do to embrace your lifestyle of daring to step out of the comfort zone, the freedom, the community, the sport, the courage to be who you want to be without being misguided by societal expectations - this is what we connect over. A shared idea to live life to its fullest and share the stoke. 

Call it a brand, a movement, a new world culture.. we are Dirty Habits.

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