Dirty Habits Sticker Pack

Dirty Habits Sticker Pack

€5.00 EUR

so you want to join the Dirty Habits crew.. well it's as simple as slapping one of these stickers on your favourite stick... surfboard / kiteboard / skateboard / wakeboard or on your mum's car bumper... everyone in town will know you are rolling with the dirtiest crew.

6 sticker pack

  • 30cm smiley - Black/white/yellow
  • 15cm smiley - Black/white/yellow
  • 6 cm smiley - Black/white/yellow
  • 6 cm smiley - Black/white/yellow
  • 15cm block - Red/white
  • 12cm vinyl -  white vinyl cutout

*smiley face stickers can be cut for different sticker placement 

VERY IMPORTANT - make sure surface are clean with alcohol or spirits and 100% dry before applying stickers, any dust, grease, moister will compromise the sickness of the sticker. 


Size Guide

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