Stealth Bar

Stealth Bar

€118.92 EUR


The Stealth is the new high performance spreader bar from Mystic, made for freeride and freestyle oriented kite surfers. This spreader bar has a new lever lock closing system and offers an extra good connection between rider and harness.

  • Fiber Fusion composite
  • Very lightweight
  • Closes very well
  • Fender shield for better pressure distribution
  • Perfect closure



What distinguishes the Mystic Stealth from other spreader bars, such as the clicker bar, is the new locking mechanism. The Leverlock clicks into place using a lever, allowing you to tighten the harness even more tight. The Mystic Stealth bar is suitable for almost all harnesses with thin straps, such as Mystic, Ride Engine, Dakine, ION and Manera.

  • Fiber-Fusion composite
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel
  • Lever lock Lever lock
  • Optimized ergonomic shape
  • 40% lighter
  • Ultra-thin design, minimal pressure points
  • Fender-Shield: specialized pressure distribution


Stealth bar Size Indicator Mystic

Harness Size Man Stealth bar size
XXS 24cm
XS 24cm
S 28cm
M 28cm
L 32cm
XL 32cm
XXL 32cm



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